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  • Vinten Vision 100 Tripod - for rent at Digital Azul
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Tripé 100mm Alumínio Vinten Vision 100

Valor: 50.00 + IVA / dia

Photographers who enjoy a filming with ease will find the Vinten v100ap2 tripod to be a joy. The Vinten Vision 100 series are designed for professional portable cameras in ENG and EFP configurations that demand around-the-clock reliability with a counterbalance range of 15 to 44 pounds. The Vinten Tripod is designed to perform reliably in the toughest conditions and at the heaviest drag settings, regardless of the environment. The pan and tilt head on the Vinten v100ap2 performs smoothly with a wide range. With a two-stage aluminum Pozi-Loc system, the Vinten Vision 100 tripod will stay put. The Vinten v100ap2 reaches a maximum height of 68.9 inches and collapses to a minimum height of 25.6 inches with three leg sections. The folded length of the Vinten Tripod is 35.8 inches and weighs a sturdy 27.3 pounds. Engineered to new advanced levels, made from strong carbon material, backlit drag knobs and a tilt range of 90 degrees, this tripod is perfect for advanced photographic situations. Photographers will benefit from the sturdy, reliable, Vinten v100ap2 Tripod in almost any photographic or telescopic situation.

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Valor Total: 50.00