Pedestal Sachtler

Valor: 100.00 + IVA / day

Sachtler Combi Pedestal – Video 60 Plus FB Fluid Head 9+9

Lightweight and yet stable, the controllable Combi Ped 1-40 is ideal for travelling. Construction for EFP and OB is quick and without the use of tools. The pedestal can be simply broken down into its individual components for transportation. Soft and precise “on-air” runs are naturally.

Referência: 17003

The selected dates should refer to the dates when the equipment is used, excluding the picking and returning dates. For long term rentals contact us.

Valor Total: 100.00


  • Weight: 24,6 kg
  • Payload: 0 – 40 kg
  • Height range: 79 – 133 cm
  • Head fitting: Flat base
  • On-shot stroke: 54 cm
  • Clearance: 70 cm