Film Studio

300.00 + IVA /day

If you need a place to record an interview or need a set prepared to film your latest production, you can use our chroma studio, with an approximate area of 70 m2.

We know that nothing is more important than the concentration in the work that is going on – so, when you arrive, we will be prepared to receive you in a studio with everything you need.


  • Green screen studio with 70m2 with lighting equipment
  • Black curtain, or white curtain
  • Soundproof
  • Center of Lisbon, in Campolide near the Amoreiras
  • Parking at 50 meters in the Garage Auto-Ceuta
  • Three-phase and single-phase connections
  • Kitchen, wardrobe and dressing zone
  • High speed internet access 100Mbps download / 20Mbps upload and Wi-Fi

The image studio has two cove backdrops – green and white.

Green Cove Backdrop:

  • Width 5.45m; Depth 5.20m; Height 3,25m
  • The green cyclorama is composed of 3 walls: bottom, left lateral and right lateral
  • The cyclorama has a black curtain rail or a white curtain
  • The cyclorama can be painted in another color by schedulling and specific budget due to the days of immobilization of the studio

White Cove Backdrop

  • Width 2,7m; Depth 1.5m; Height 2.74m
  • The white cyclorama is composed only of the background wall
  • The chroma background is already pre-illuminated, with cold light projectors that are installed in the lighting scheme
  • The room is acoustically treated for better recorded sound quality.

In the studio rental is included the following items:

  • 6x 4ft Bi-Color Flexible LED Panel (3200K – 5600K)
  • 1x 12000 lx @ 5500K Led Panel (with Soft Box)
  • 2x 6700 lx @ 5500K Led Panels (with Soft Box)
  • 2x Ceferinos
  • 2x Pantographs
  • 2x Manfrotto magic arms
  • 4x Manfrotto Superclamp Claws
  • 1x Black Flag with 45 x 60cm (18 x 24″)
  • 3x CEE Current Extensions for 4 Shucko

We also have available for rental: Telepont, 4K, HD and High Speed cameras; Microphones and other equipment.

You can check more features of our studio here:

Studio plant in PDF

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The selected dates should refer to the dates when the equipment is used, excluding the picking and returning dates. Special conditions for long term rentals. Contact us

Additional Information

What is the operating time of the studio?
The operating time is from 9am to 6pm. In advance another time schedulle can be arranged.

What backdrops can I have in the studio?
The studio’s cyclorama is painted in chromatic green. Black and white curtains are available for the studio. On the studio floor to cover the chroma we have white or black vinyl available. The cyclorama can be painted in another color by schedulling and specific budget due to the days of immobilization of the studio

How tall is the studio?
The height of the studio is 3.6m. The height of the painting chroma is 3m.

Is it possible to record at the weekend?
Yes, the work on the weekend has an increase of € 100 + VAT / day.

What is the rental value of the kitchen support?
The support kitchen has a rental value of 125 € + VAT / day

What professionals can I hire to complete my team?
It is possible to hire: Directors of Photography, Image Operators, Informatics, Assistants, Make-up.

Is it possible to hire catering?
Yes. From “the croquette” to a table with food for the team that is working or a sophisticated meal served on the spot for the customers who are accompanying the work.

What Take-Away services with delivery in Campolide?
Pizza Hut – 707 221 122 | Madpizza – 210 503 561 | Zoo Pizzas – 217 277 678 | Hamburgers U-Try 215 839 773

What restaurants are there near the studio?
Stop do Bairro – 215 852 893 | O Petisca – 217 277 678 | Hayaci – 213 885 249 | Cantina