Sound Studio 5.1

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Digital Azul is at the forefront of interactive media as a provider of audio services to the advertising and the broadcast industries.

With more than 20 years of experience, an international network of resources and state-of-the-art, fully-equipped studios and facilities in the center of Lisbon, Digital Azul’s team of technical and creative specialists still have the same passion of the beginning: To bring to life the genuine meaning of each client’s vision.

Our studios were conceived to record voice in the highest quality.

Whether you look for a voice over for your documentary, film, or corporate vídeo, in any language, or to mix and master the next big music production, or to work on some audio post-production for TV and radio, you can rely on us to perform all your needs. With state-of-the-art equipment and acoustics, our studios were built for one purpose: to provide you with a professional and comfortable sanctuary where you can get and enjoy the best audio work you’ve ever heard.

• Pro Tools HD

• The recording is clear and representative of the natural performance of the voice

• Dynamic range is more than 85db (@ FFT 1024)

• Reverberation time inside the recording booth meets the most demanding quality requirements

• The recording booth has an additional acoustic treatment to reduce sound reflections

• 40-50dB insulation, so that ambient noise is <70dB SPL

• The floor noise level is low (below -95db at 4kHz)

• Controllable and silent air conditioner

• HD OMNI Interface (Pro Tools HD Omni)

• Thunderbolt HD ( native Pro Tools HD)

• Microphone Neumann TLM 193 (with pro shockmounte pop screen)

• High quality studio monitors (Mackie)

• High quality cables (shielded and balanced), mixer and signal flow, ensuring the absence of noise in the recordings

• Connection by source connect and ISDN





Our studios have been dubbing TV series and movies for 20 years.


We have a network of a large group of actors, voice talents and professional broadcasters, which bring together all the characteristics to get the exact tone to your project.


We produce spots for TV and radio, institutional videos, documentaries, corporate and instructional videos.


Tell us about your job and we will find you the best voice actors. You choose the final voice(s).


Be it voice, music, or sounds, we produce audio for games, geographic information systems, voice recognition systems, or automatic response systems.


We have specialized equipment for recovering audio in bad conditions.


Through this free service you can choose the voice that really adapts to your project by listening to samples of voices distributed in categories.


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