Rental Procedure & Conditions

Confirmation: The confirmation of the reservation of equipment is made by email – – with the sending of the data of the entity to be invoiced, or by logging into our site, with the chosen products added to your inquiry list, with the selected rental dates.

Required data of the entity to be invoiced: Name; Address; Number of taxpayer; Mobile phone contact; Email

Needed Documents: ID card or passport and proof of address of the person who comes to collect the equipment.

Payment: The payment of the rental value is made at the time of collecting the equipment (multi-bank or cash).

Equipment Check: All equipment that Digital Azul rents are equipment designed for professionals. It is the responsibility of the customer to test and verify the equipment at the time of rental. Digital Azul is not responsible for configurations that have not been previously tested in our facilities.

All equipment leased by Digital Azul is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Security rules: For the collection of leased equipment, all customers, or the person who will collect the equipment, must identify themselves through their Citizen’s Card or Passport and proof of address. No other document is valid. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the removal of the equipment (s).
  2. Ownership of Equipment: Digital Azul owns the equipment it leases and does not allow it to be rented to third parties.
  3. DRONES: The use of Digital Azul Equipment in drones or unmanned aerial vehicles is not permitted.
  4. Forms of payment: The payment of the rental value is made beforehand or when the equipment is taken – by money, ATM or credit card (+ 3%).
  5. Cancellations and changes: Reservations canceled or modified less than 24h from the planned lifting of the equipment, will have a cost of 40% of the value of the first day of the rental. This amount will be billed with the following designation: “Immobilization and equipment preparation”.
  6. Technical verification: The Customer must indicate a technician to carry out the verification of all the equipment rented. Digital Azul advises that this procedure be performed a few hours before the equipment is lifted. It is the responsibility of who will use the equipment to verify the operation of the same, if this verification is not carried out will be considered that the equipment was delivered in perfect conditions.

Digital Azul reserves the right to modify or cancel any of these clauses, prices and conditions without prior notice.