Benro video Monopod 164cm

20.00 + IVA /day

Reap the benefits of a monopod with the stability of a tripod using the Benro video Monopod with 3-Leg Locking Base. Able to hold up to 44.1 lb and extend to 64.6″, the A48FD Series 4 is a versatile camera support thanks to its base which provides three solid points of contact with the ground.

Articles included in this rental

  • 1x Benro Mono-pé vídeo 164cm
  • 1x Benro 3-Leg Locking Base For Monopods
  • 1x Rubber Foot
  • 1x Cabeça vídeo com mecanismo fluido

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Additional Information

  • Altura máxima: 164cm
  • Altura mínima: 56 cm
  • Mono-pé em aluminio com 4 Secções
  • Cabeça vídeo com mecanismo fluido
  • Peso: 1.07 kg