Tripé 100mm Alumínio E-image AT-7602A

50.00 + IVA /dia

There’s nothing quite like viewing the world through the eyes of a camera, and that’s exactly why this Lumiere Technology AT7602A tripod will come in handy. Instead of getting stuck behind a camcorder at a special event and missing all the fun, photographers can frame their shot and take a step back to enjoy the action instead of standing apart from it. This adjustable aluminum tripod is made from a combination of magnesium and aluminum, with a height range of 15 to 61-inches. The Lumiere camcorder tripod supports up to 130 lbs on three different leg sections. It’ll bear a lot of weight, but the Lumiere Technology AT7602A tripod is less than 10 lbs, weighing just 9.5 lbs. The revolving lock system makes this adjustable aluminum tripod very solid once it’s been positioned, so it’s possible to step back and join the action even as it’s being recorded. A Lumiere camcorder tripod for all occasions, it’ll resist rain and weather far better than the cameras mounted on top of it. With a Lumiere Technology AT7602A tripod, it’s possible to become a part of the video, not just the person responsible for capturing it.

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Informação Adicional

  • E-IMAGE EI-7080-AA Video tripod kits are suitable for various of video and integrative camcorder
  • In accordance with different requirements,the can be used for News and Film taking
  • The versatile fluid head and professional aluminum alloy or carbon fiber tripod will bring the unprecedented coziness.
  • Adjustable Height:- 2-5.6ft, Payload:- 12Kg, Material : Aluminium
  • Supported Devices : Camcorder


  • 100mm bowl size
  • Revolking Lock
  • Adjustable ground spreader

Material: Aluminum

Net weight: 4.2kg

Bowl size: 100mm

Height range: 40-155cm

Transport length: 72cm

Section: 3