Zoom H2

10.00 + IVA /dia

The H2 begins with a simple idea: provide brilliant stereo recording in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable device. Now everyone can record pristine audio in an infinite variety of applications. From seminars and conferences, to electronic news gathering(ENG), interviews and podcasting, to musical performances, songwriting sessions and rehearsals, the H2 provides amazing recording quality. And no matter what kind of recording you want to make, the H2 can effortlessly record it.

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Informação Adicional

  • 1 Gravador áudio digital stereo ou surrond
  • 1 Cabo (mini jack / mini jack)
  • 1 Alimentador
  • 1 Wind Cut
  • 1 Parafuso Hot Shoe
  • 1 Adaptador para suporte de micro
  • 1 Cabo USB
  • 1 Auricular
  • 2 Pilhas AA
  • Simultaneous Recording Tracks:[Stereo mode] 2, [4ch mode] 4
  • Simultaneous Playback Tracks:[Stereo mode] 2, [4ch mode] 4
  • Locator:Hours/Minutes/Seconds
  • File Editing functions:Time Stamp check, Rename, Delete, Size check, Divide, Normalize
  • Other functions:MP3 post-encode, A-B repeat, Lo-cut filter, AGC/compressor/limiter, Marker
  • Tuner:Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Open A/D/E/G, DADGAD
  • Metronome:5 Sounds(Beat 0/4-8/4, 6/8, Tempo 40.0-250.0BPM)
  • A/D Conversion:24bit, 128 times over-sampling
  • D/A Conversion:24bit, 128 times over-sampling
  • Signal Processing:32bit
  • Recording Media:SD memory card(16MB-2GB), SDHC memory card(4GB-32GB)
  • Recording Format:[Stereo mode] WAV(Quantization:16/24bit, Sampling frequency:44.1/48/96kHz), MP3(Bitrate:48/56/64/80/96/112/128/160/192/224/256/320kbps/VBR, Sampling frequency:44.1kHz), [4ch mode] WAV(Quantization:16/24bit, Sampling frequency:44.1/48kHz)
  • Playback Format:[Stereo mode] WAV(Quantization:16/24bit, Sampling frequency:44.1/48/96kHz),
  • MP3(Bitrate:32/40/48/56/64/80/96/112/128/160/192/224/256/320kbps/VBR, Sampling frequency:44.1/48kHz), [4ch mode] WAV(Quantization:16/24bit, Sampling frequency:44.1/48kHz)
  • Display:128×64 pixel, back-lit LCD
  • Inputs:[LINE IN] 1/8″ stereo phone jack(Input impedance:10kΩ, Input level:-10dBm), [EXT MIC IN]
  • 1/8″ stereo phone jack(Plug-in powered:2.5V, Input impedance:20kΩ, Input level:-20/-30/-40dBm), [Built-in stereo mic] W-XY stereo microphone(MIC GAIN:+1.5/+17/+27dB)
  • Output:[PHONES/LINE OUT] 1/8″ stereo phone jack([LINE] Output load impedance:10kΩ or more,
  • Rated output level:-10dBm / [PHONES] 15mW+15mW, into 32Ω load)
  • USB Interface:Mini-B type(USB2.0 Full-Speed compatible), Mass Storage Class operation / Audio
  • Interface operation(16bit, 44.1/48kHz)
  • Power Requirements:AA size(LR6) battery x2, or Supplied AC adaptor AD-0006(DC9V/300mA/center minus type)
  • Battery Life(with alkaline batteries):4 hours recording, 4.5 hours playback
  • Dimensions:63.5(W)x110(D)x32(H)mm
  • Weight(without batteries):110g
  • Supplied Accessories:SD memory card(512MB), Desktop stand, Mic clip adaptor, Wind screen, Earbuds, USB cable, Stereo Y cable, AC adaptor(AD-0006) *0dBm=0.775Vrms
Zoom H2 Recorder (Field Record)